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Buy Spain Passport Online:

Purchase a different standard, unique Spanish biometric visa with an RFID chip on the internet. Model long-term. A standard Spain Passport has an archive of 32 pages.

Spanish visas (Passport espanola) are issue to Spanish residents to allow them to travel outside Spain. Every Spanish resident is also part of the European Union.

In conjunction with other id cards like the character public card, the visa offers free rights to develop and home under any of the terms in the European Union and European Economic Area.

The new international IDs issue by the Spanish government in January 2015 is compare. With the claimed biometric also known as an electronic identity (e-visa). That consists of an embed chip inside. Its back cover, includes biometric data that is compared to the face of the owner of the document, In addition to the personal information that is contained within those machine-clear OCR lines.

Spanish passports (in Spanish: Passport espanola) are issue to Spanish citizens to travel beyond Spain. Each Spanish citizen is also a member of the European Union. In conjunction with an identity card issued by the nation, the UK Passport gives the right of travel and residence within any of the countries belonging to the European Union, European Economic Area, and Switzerland.


  • An ordinary Passport (Spanish: Passport ordinaire) is issue for regular vacations and business travel.
  • A collective Passport (Spanish: Passport Colectivo) is issue for occasions of trips, pilgrimages, or other activities of a similar nature. If reciprocity with the destination nation is present.
  • The validity of the passport is limit to a single journey that will not over three years.
  • Diplomatic Passport (Spanish: Passport diplomatic). It is issue for Spanish diplomats. The highest-ranking official of the government and diplomatic couriers.
  • Travel Passports for Products Services Page and Official (Spanish: Passports officials y of service). They are issue to people who represent the Spanish government for official business.


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