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The Belgian residence permit (Netherlands language: Verblijfstitel) is a document issued to non-EU citizens (so-called third-country nationals) living in Belgium. Permanent residence (residency card types B, C, D E and F explained below) allows you to stay in Belgium indefinitely. This stay is under similar conditions and enjoying similar rights and benefits as Belgian nationals.

open access to employment, conditions of employment and working conditions;
right to education, recognition of qualifications, grants;
welfare benefits;
social assistance;
freedom of association and union membership.

 There are several types of permanent residency under Belgian immigration legislation, depending on your situation and nationality.

The right to unlimited stay: Electronic residence card type B

The right to establishment: Electronic residence card type C

EU long-term residency status: Electronic residence card type D

Right to durable stay for EU nationals: Electronic residency card type E

Right to durable stay for family members of EU nationals: Electronic residency card type F

If you receive Belgian nationality, you can typically keep your original nationality. Belgium allows dual citizenship.


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