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How Do You Get a Residence Permit?

UK visa contains a number of types, hence these all own various processes and requirements. In order to fulfill the requirements, no need to confuse in navigating the ins and outs.

Before changing, make sure you have learned the differences between permanent and temporary skilled worker visas, residence permits, work permit visas, and self-employment visas.

Things Can Make You Free Of Work Permit Worry?

Spouses and partners (not legally married but with two years of co-habitation) of EEA nationals.

  • Citizens of the 25 EEA Countries.
  • Permanent Residents*.
  • Spouses of holders of ancestry visas*, works permits, investors, training permits, sole representatives, and students.
  • Asylum applicants with pending applications.
  • Commonwealth citizens with Ancestry visas (with a grandparent born in the UK).
  • Application must occur at the British High Commission in their home nation. After lasting four years, the candidate is eligible for Permanent Residence.

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